What is a Commercial Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?

Commercial EPC's are required for all commercial buildings that are:

  • For sale
  • To let
  • New construction
  • Modified buildings

Some common exceptions are:

  • Detached buildings under 50 square meters
  • Places of worship
  • Low energy demand buildings
  • Temporary buildings (less than 2 years use)

Why is a Commercial EPC necessary

To complete a property transaction by your advisors, and if you do not have an EPC:

  • A fine of 12.5% of rateable value
  • Minimum fine £500 maximum £5000

Benifits of an EPC

  • EPC's promote the improvement of the energy performance of buildings
  • An EPC enables a buyer or tennant to consider energy efficiency as part of their investment or business decision to buy or occupy a building
  • Commercial buildings are responsible for 20% of the UK's energy and carbon emissions
  • An EPC is accompanied by a recommendation report which provides details of how the energy performance of a building could be enhanced together with an indication of payback period
  • Users of commercial buildings should consider an EPC to help manage their energy costs during occupancy

Other information

  • An EPC is valid for ten years and stored on a central register
  • An EPC is needed to comply with EU legislation
  • This is a basic guide to EPC's please ask a qualified energy assessor to advice on your buildings requirements
  • Wheldon EPC can produce up to level three certificates which include heating up to 100kw and simple air conditioning up to 12kw
  • Please see information required to complete and EPC to enable a fee for an EPC to be agreed

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